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About Circuit Zolder

Circuit Zolder is a venue of 70-hectare where there are 30 employees. Our activities are:

• Exploitation of the domain, taking into consideration the spacious environment.
• Running championships, competitions and trainings, in short: “Racing”.
• Organization of MICE


Circuit Zolder wants to bring the European top of car-, motor-, bike- and X-Sports events and training to a wide audience, trying to contribute to the economic, sporting and tourism development of the region, in an independent and integral way.

Brands or companies that connect their name with Circuit Zolder or with one of the national or international organizations, create a unique image for themselves. Throughout the year, Circuit Zolder offers its partners the opportunity to develop promotional activities in a unique and dynamic environment during various events such as the prestigious DTM, Belcar Endurance, the FIA ​​Truck Grand Prix, 24 Hours of Zolder, Whelen Nascar and even the World Championships BMX 2015 & 2019.

Every year, more than 400,000 spectators from home and abroad visit Circuit Zolder. Thanks to its excellent accessibility, its beautiful location and excellent accommodation, Circuit Zolder offers exclusive hospitality opportunities.

The success of Circuit Zolder is a combination of the unique offer of various world events and the ideal location of the Circuit. The circuit is situated near the intersection of the E313 (Hasselt-Antwerp) and the E314 (Aachen-Brussels). This is less than 100km from major cities such as Antwerp, Brussels, Liège, Aachen and Eindhoven.

About Circuit Zolder