Holders of a media card 2016 (RACB, an accredited association of professional photographers, …) can have an accreditation. 

Photographers without a media card can apply under the authority of a medium, showing an assignment issued by:

  • the general editor or an editor-in-chief;

  • the responsible of a series or championship;

  • the responsible of track hire.

Circuit Zolder differentiates 2 categories of journalists and photographers in their status of employee:

  • Photographers and journalists in their status of employee: in this case Circuit Zolder requires a certificate from the employer proving occupational accident insurance cover + press accident cover 
  • Self-employed photographers and journalists: in this case Circuit Zolder requires a professional insurance 24h/24h certificate or a personal accident insurance certificate

If non a the above mentioned document can be shown, an accreditation will not be issued. 

Media cards will exclusively be issued to adults (18 +). 

The organisation reserves the right to withdraw an accreditation in case of abuse or in case of malicious non-observance of the guidelines of the organisation. 

The caution for a brassard is € 25. The caution will be:

  • fully repaid in case of return in original state;

  • withheld partially/completely in case of return in damaged state;

  • withheld in case of non-return the same day.

If no proof of insurance can be presented as described above, you have the option of concluding personal accident insurance per day for the amount of €25 per day. This can only be done at the reception desk located in the Circuit Zolder Control Tower.

Guarantees of this personal accident insurance:
- Death: €15,000 
- Permanent disability: €30,000 
- Medical expenses: 1xRIZIV tariff