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Avant de prendre le temps de nous contacter, vous devriez jeter un coup d’oeil ci-dessous.
Les questions qui nous sont souvent posées sont répondues ici.

Cela dépend de nos partenaires et des délais d’impression. Nous prévoyons qu’elles soient prêtes avant la première compétition de la saison.

Vous trouverez les prix des billets pour chaque événement séparément sur notre site web et via le lien suivant :


Accès gratuit pour les enfants jusqu’à 12 ans inclus.

Vous pouvez trouver le calendrier de chaque évènement sur notre site web, dès qu’il est officiel.

Vous trouverez notre calendrier quotidien sous l’onglet « Calendrier quotidien ».

Sur présentation de votre carte d’identité personnelle, vous êtes invité gratuitement à tous les événements organisés par nous-mêmes.

La Taverne Otobar est ouverte pendant toutes les compétitions et à la demande.
Brasserie The Wheels :

Du mercredi au dimanche inclus à partir de 11.00 heures.
En hiver, nous sommes ouverts à partir de 12.00 heures.

Pendant les évènements, nous sommes ouverts à partir de 09.00 heures.

La cuisine est ouverte en permanence.

Le vélo en soirée est possible chaque mardi, mercredi et jeudi de 18.15 à 21.30 heures.

Si ce n’est pas possible, nous le signalons sur notre page Facebook et notre site web


Le Circuit est accessible au moins valides ; un parking est également prévu.

Les chiens sont admis à condition qu’ils ne courent pas en liberté ou si l’organisation en décide autrement.

Il n’existe pas de distributeur de billets de banque sur le domaine. Le distributeur le plus proche se trouve à Viversel, à 500 m de l’entrée 1, Kerkstraat 23, 3550 Heusden-Zolder

Un WiFi gratuit est disponible dans la zone des paddocks, à condition de vous inscrire sur Facebook.


1. TicketMatic bvba provides tickets for sale on behalf of event organisers. It is not responsible for amendments in location, price or date, nor is it responsible for cancellation of an event. The person who makes the purchase is regarded as sole buyer. Only he is bound to make a payment, even if the tickets are to be supplied to a third party. Tickets may not be sold onto third parties, nor can they be transferred to a third party in a commercial capacity.

2. The tickets will be reserved at the moment that the order form is sent. The tickets will only be sent out once the correct payment has been received. The reservation will be cancelled if payment is not received for the tickets within the permitted payment period. This payment period will be applied rigorously. VAT and any taxes are to be paid by the customer.

3. In principle, the tickets will be sent out via e-mail to the address indicated on the order form unless otherwise requested by the customer or by the event organiser.

4. The tickets and the reservation costs can be paid via bank transfer or using a VISA or Mastercard. The customer may notify TicketMatic, via registered post, that he no longer wishes to purchase the ticket, without incurring a fine and without providing justification, within 7 working days, on the condition that the date of the event does not fall within those 7 days, from the day following the ticket order. TicketMatic or the event organiser will refund the tickets to the bank account provided by the customer.

5. If the organiser cancels an event, the tickets will be refunded by either TicketMatic or the organiser or will be exchanged for tickets for a similar event, according to the customer’s wishes.

6. TicketMatic employs all reasonable means for keeping the information on its website complete, correct and up-to-date. It does not, however, provide any guarantees in this regard and cannot be held liable for the direct or indirect damage suffered as a result of visiting or using the website, unless the persons affected can demonstrate intention or negligence on the part of TicketMatic. TicketMatic is not liable for circumstances beyond one’s control that delay or hinder this agreement. The following are regarded as circumstances beyond one’s control (the list is not exhaustive): strikes, natural disasters, flooding, fire, occupation, extreme weather conditions, government measures, technical defects. TicketMatic does not need to provide proof of the unforeseeable or the unavoidable nature of this type of circumstance.

7. The customer agrees to provide correct, accurate, up-to-date and complete information on himself, as requested on the registration form. TicketMatic retains the right to suspend or refuse the transaction if it has reasonable cause to suspect that the information is not accurate, is incomplete or is out-of-date. These details may be stored in order to guarantee that its services function efficiently. They may also be used by the organiser for marketing purposes. Every customer able to prove their identity may access their personal details and modify them providing that permission has been requested in advance in a dated and signed letter.

8. These general conditions apply to the full, contractual relationship between TicketMatic and the customer and preclude the customer’s general conditions. Any modifications to or deviations from these conditions or any additions must be contained within a written agreement. The failure of TicketMatic to exercise the rights set out in these general conditions cannot be regarded as a departure from the right to do so in the future. Circuit Zolder retains the right to amend these general conditions at any moment without providing prior notification. The amendments will come into force from the moment that they appear on the website, unless agreed otherwise. The relationship between the customer and TicketMatic will only be subject to Belgian Law. Any disputes will be heard before the competent courts of law in Leuven. Parties explicitly accept electronic resources (e-mail, fax,…) as evidence in terms of their mutual relationship.