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Press accreditation thursday practises

  • Holders of a media card 2021 (RACB, a certified association of professional photographers,..) qualify for accreditation.
  • If you cannot submit a media card, then you must provide a written commission from:
    – the chief editor or editor-in-chief of a media outlet;
    – the responsible party of a series or championship;
    – the party renting the slopes.
  • A valid proof of insurance must also be provided. For this, Circuit Zolder has 2 categories for photographers in the capacity of employee:

1. Photographers and journalists in the capacity of employee: for these individuals, Circuit Zolder requests an employer’s affidavit which states coverage of occupational accidents + press accidents

2. Self-employed photographers and journalists: for these individuals, Circuit Zolder requests proof of a 24/24 hour patron insurance policy or proof of personal accident insurance

If no proof of insurance can be presented as described above, you have the option of concluding personal accident insurance per day for the amount of €25 per day. This can only be done at the reception desk located in the Circuit Zolder Control Tower.

Guarantees of this personal accident insurance:
– Death: €15,000
– Permanent disability: €30,000
– Medical expenses: 1xRIZIV tariff

Accreditations will only be granted to adults (above the age of 18).

The organisation reserves the right to withhold an accreditation in the event we establish misuse, or when the guidelines of the organisation are willfully violated.

A €25 deposit will be required for an arm band. The deposit will be:

–     returned when the arm band is brought back in its original condition;

–     entirely or partially withheld if the arm band is returned in damaged condition.

–     withheld if the arm band is not returned on the same day.

Please register at the secretariat of the control tower.