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Circuit Zolder Corona safety rules

*Circuit Zolder Corona safety rules.

Preventing the further spread of the Corona virus is in everyone’s interest.
Below you can find an overview of the measures that are strictly applied.

General safety rules:

  • The wearing of a mouth/nose mask is mandatory on the entire domain. The only exception is when wearing a racing helmet with balaclava type as shown:

= OK          = OK          = NOT OK

  • The domain of Circuit Zolder is during activity days only accessible for people who are registered with the organisation and this by means of at least name, first name, GSM number, mail address.
  • During opening hours only participants to the activity on the domain, plus maximum 2 accompanying persons will have access to the paddock.
  • No public is allowed.
  • The opening hours of the domain are from 7 am onwards.
  • No overnight stays allowed.
  • Registration for participation in the trackday takes place in advance and digitally with the organiser, as well as payment for participation. A registration is only valid after confirmation by the organiser.
  • The track will be divided into zones with a limited number of participants each time. Per racing car an open air paddock area of 100m² will be allocated where a maximum of 6 people are allowed (pilot + 3 accompanying persons).
  • The maximum number of participating cars is fixed at 100 cars for one day (max. 50 cars in the morning and max. 50 cars in the afternoon).
  • The maximum number of participating motorbikes is set at 200 motorcycles for one day (max. 100 motorcycles in the morning and max. 100 motorcycles in the afternoon).
  • The general hygiene regulations are clearly visible at the entrance of the grounds and all accessible buildings.
  • No access to buildings for participants or supervisors except for the sanitary block.
  • The sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Access to the sanitary facilities is restricted in such a way that there is always a distance of 1.5 metres between them. Showers are closed.
  • There will be no catering facilities in the sense of a restaurant, cafeteria or bar for the participants. There may be a serving point for drinks and food available, in which case the 1.5m distance will be maintained. Reopening is only possible after positive advice from the government/safety council.
  • The petrol station is only open via the payment terminal. The payment terminal is cleaned daily during business hours. Wearing gloves is mandatory when refuelling and paying. Disinfectants are available.
  • There is no central driver briefing. Briefing will be provided digitally
  • The pilot must fasten his safety belts himself and may not be assisted in doing so.
  • There will be no social gatherings such as lunch, drinks or award ceremonies.
  • Camera surveillance will be provided by Race Control.
  • There will be authorized stewards in the paddocks.
  • In case of non-compliance with the rules, access to the domain will be denied to the pilot and his supervisors.
  • Plan maximum number of competitors per zone, divided over the number of paddock places of minimum 100m².
  • Signing of a “waiver of recourse against” for participation is done in advance and digitally.
  • There will be no social gatherings such as joint lunch, drinks or award ceremonies.


Capacity plan



The following supervision will take place during our opening hours:

  • Camera surveillance from Race Control
  • Authorised stewards will make rounds of the buildings and paddocks during opening hours, approaching anyone who fails to respect the 1,5-metre distance/ban on gatherings. In the event of a second violation, the perpetrators will be immediately excluded from further participation in the activity and asked to leave the site immediately


*The complete version of the current COVID-19 rules can be found in the Dutch version of the web page