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Circuit Zolder Corona safety rules

Coronavirus Safety Measures at Circuit Zolder

Circuit Zolder has received the National Security Council’s permission to re-open for individual practice sessions and driver training courses from 11 May 2020. This is, of course, subject to observance of the safety measures, and no spectators or casual visitors will be allowed. Visitors will be screened at the entrance and only pre-registered participants in scheduled activities will be permitted access. It is in everyone’s best interest to let preventing the further spread of COVID-19 take pole position.

Strict compliance with the following list of measures is mandatory

General safety measures:

  • During days with planned activities, the Circuit Zolder venue will be accessible between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. to people who have registered in advance and whose attendance has been confirmed by the organisers
  • Overnight stays on the Circuit Zolder site are not permitted
  • Only participants in activities on site and their attendants may access the venue during opening hours
  • Anyone with access to the site must be registered in advance. There will be no free access to the site
  • There are sufficient facilities for visitors to wash and disinfect their hands at various locations on site
  • The sanitary facilities are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Access to sanitary facilities is restricted so as to allow a distance of 1,5 metres to be maintained at all times. To this end, some urinals and toilet/shower cubicles have been closed off.
  • The general hygiene regulations are clearly visible at the site entrance and by all accessible buildings.
  • Lifts may only be used by one person at a time
  • All contact surfaces are professionally cleaned at regular intervals
  • No catering facilities will be available to participants in the sense of a restaurant, canteen or bar. Take-away food and drinks are available at Otobar, maintaining a distance of 1,5 metres
  • There are no central areas available for participants to gather, other than for training purposes
  • Participants may collect their pit box key at the designated pick-up point. There is an acrylic shield above the counter for additional protection
  • Participants/pilots may park and prepare their vehicles in the pit boxes. The number of vehicles per pit box is limited to one car or two motorcycles. The number of people present in a pit box is limited to four per car (participant/pilot and a maximum of three attendants) or two per motorcycle (participant/pilot and one attendant)
  • Participants/pilots not parking their car in a pit box will be assigned a spot in the outdoor paddock. A clearly marked area will be reserved for each car/motorcycle
  • No cash payments will be accepted. Facilities must be paid for in advance by contactless payment or direct bank transfer
  • The fuel station will only accept payments at the terminal. Wearing gloves is mandatory when refuelling and paying.

Overview of regulations during the various activities at Circuit Zolder classified according to:

Individual practice sessions/trackdays:

  • Maximum of 100 cars/200 motorcycles per day
  • Maximum of three attendants per participating car or one attendant per motorcycle
  • Registration and payment to participate in track days must be completed entirely through the organiser, in advance and by digital means
  • Participants must sign a “waiver of recourse”, in advance and digitally insofar possible
  • It is allowed to sit with 2 persons in the car on the condition that both (passenger/instructor) wear a mouth mask under the fireproof cap (balaclava) with an “open face” helmet or only the fireproof cap (balaclava) with a “closed” integral helmet. The participant/passenger/instructor must put on the seatbelts himself and may not be assisted in this.
  • There will be no general driver briefing. A digital briefing will be made available
  • There will be no social gatherings such as shared lunches, drinks or awards
  • No track day spectators are allowed

Driver training on track:

  • Maximum of 50 participants
  • Theory training and the theory test will take place in a room that allows for a distance of 1,5 metres to be maintained
  • Participants must not gather in a room, instead proceeding directly to their assigned pit box. Two participants and one instructor will go through the course of instruction in each pit box, staying at least 1,5 metres apart
  • In the case of race training for cars, only the driver/pilot is allowed in the vehicle. Instructors will use a radio (walkie-talkie) or phone to provide remote instruction from their own car or from alongside the track. Instructors may ride in the car if wearing an enclosed integral helmet and balaclava (fire-resistant hood)

RACES / multi-day race events:

  • For each multi-day race event or more than 400 persons present on the domain, a specific request must be made to the government, this request is made by Circuit Zolder taking into account the most recent regulations.
  • Per car a maximum of 8 crew members are allowed, driver exclusive according to the following: o cars: – free training and sprint races (max. 29min. race) max. 4 crew members/car – Endurance races (more than 30min. race) max. 8 crew members/car o the number per box is limited to a maximum of 10 persons incl. pilot.
  • Controlled compartmentation in the paddock per series, incl. access to the track. A maximum of 400 people per compartment is allowed.
  • No public / VIP allowed in the paddock.
  • Public limited to 2x 200 persons on the main grandstand, separate entrance and parking.
  • Shower only allowed in individual cabins in the presence of a permanence that disinfects them after each user (time slots to be agreed upon).


The following supervision will take place during our opening hours:

  • Camera surveillance from Race Control
  • Authorised stewards will make rounds of the buildings and paddocks during opening hours, approaching anyone who fails to respect the 1,5-metre distance/ban on gatherings. In the event of a second violation, the perpetrators will be immediately excluded from further participation in the activity and asked to leave the site immediately