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Would you like to discover and extend the limits of your motorbike? Then the Zolder Motorsport School is the ideal place.
You can choose from courses at 4 different levels. Read on to find out which level will suit you best. We also have a great range of ‘free riding’ to give sporting bikers the opportunity to practise their hobby in the safest conditions.


Always dreamed of riding your bike on a track but never dared? Then level 1 is made for you!

During a full day on track we will teach you the basic principles of riding motorbikes as a sport. All in the safest possible conditions, of course.

We start in the morning with a briefing and then prepare for the first of 5 sessions of track riding. These track sessions alternate with 3 theory sessions that focus on your sitting position on the bike, racing lines and braking techniques.

All track sessions are run under the supervision of 2 instructors to each group of 10 riders. This also enables instructors to share individual observations with the level 1 students as they arise.


Even if you can ride your bike on the track in a more sporty way after level 1, most people do not yet feel completely at ease with the idea of taking part in free riding. Level 1+ is therefore the ideal preparation for this. The concept is based on that of level 1 but the speed is ramped up a bit.

Here, too, there are 5 track sessions, alternating with 3 theory sessions. At level 1+ the first 3 sessions are ridden with an instructor and the last 2 without an instructor – true free riding, in other words. Of course the instructors are available to all riders throughout the day.

For the level 1+ course, we assume that everyone taking part is familiar with the basic principles of track riding as taught in level 1.

During level 1+, we focus on refining racing lines, focusing on braking points and overtaking other students.


If you are in the slower group during free riding and want to improve your riding style and lap times, level 2 is the course for you.

There is one instructor, to every 5 students, who is on hand throughout the day with advice and practical support. During level 2 you will be on track for 6 sessions of 20 minutes each. During these sessions, the instructors will record videos which are then used to refine the students’ riding technique.

Since the groups are much smaller, the instructors’ directions at level 2 are much more personalised so your progress will be even faster.

After taking this course, most students can make the leap into the fast group during free riding.


Advanced Riding Training is for riders who are normally in the fast group during free riding or who enter the No Budget Cup, Van Zon Sprint Series or the Club MET.

Do you want to improve your times noticeably, brake much later and get on the power even faster? Are you tired of the other rider on the same bike being just that bit faster than you? Then you need to take the ART!

Ideally your lap times must be below 1 minute 55 seconds to take part in the ART. A small group is put together which will also have 6 20-minute track sessions.

Bastien Mackels (Superstock IDM champion 2013 and a Superbike IDM rider in 2014), Wim Van de Broeck (Belgian SS600 champion 2013), Eddy Geudens (Van Zon Sprint Series and Club MET champion 2016) are the top instructors who will look after you in the ART. And all this while Werner Daemen monitors the quality of the training. Werner will also regularly take to the track on his BMW S1000RR to support the riders in the Advanced Riding Training.


Free riding days at Circuit Zolder are split into 2 types:
– Free riding with OEM exhausts: during these days, all bikes must be fitted with an original stock exhaust or an exhaust with a dB killer.
– Free riding with open exhausts: during these days there is no noise limit and even small GP dampers are not permitted.

All laps are timed on free riding days. These times can then be used to move riders from one group to another. This enables us to create balanced groups without huge time differences between the riders.


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