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The arrival of Marc Wauters at Circuit Zolder, marked the first stage towards the integration of Flemish Cycling School within Circuit Zolder.

In the Flemish Cycling School, young people aged 5 to 17 can learn cycling in a high-quality environment. And feel comfortable, because whether it is on the road, cyclocross, MTB or BMX, all cycling disciplines have a home at Circuit Zolder.

In cooperation with the Province of Limburg, a number of infrastructural modifications are scheduled on the domain of Circuit Zolder, to accomodate the cyclists in the best way possible.

The Flemish Cycling School however, is already starting it’s training sessions. These training sessions are divided into youth (starting from 8 yrs. old), juniors and adolescents. Circuit Zolder is the prime location for these sessions using the infrastructure at hand, the Track of Peer will be used as alternative location.